2020 September


Can you buy a Second Home with a VA loan?

NEWS: FUNDMYHOME.ORG - CAN YOU PURCHASE A SECOND HOME USING A VA LOAN? - We were recently asked whether a "Second or Investment Home" could be purchased using a VA Mortgage Guaranteed Loan. FundMyHome responded: THE SHORT ANSWER IS YES!! While you are expected to take occupancy of your new home as your owner-occupied primary residence within 60 days of closing your VA loan, there are a few concessions to this rule. Except for...

Saturday, September 26, 2020 The Home Office


Credit Scores

NEWS: FUNDMYHOME.ORG - CREDIT SCORES - Ken Goldberg wrote: Are we still accepting 580 Credit Scores? I was just told it is now 680 for the lenders. FundMyHome responded: Yes!! we are still accepting 580 Credit Scores. Nevertheless, until things normalize from the pandemic, all Down Payment Assistance recipients who Onboard with less than 680 Credit Scores will be directed to enroll in our Credit Supplements program before they are moved to our Preferred Lender's Processing...

Monday, September 21, 2020 The Home Office


Success Story

NEWS: FUNDMYHOME.ORG - RESPONDING TO QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS - Ann-Marie Wrote: My name is Ann Marie Baker and I am an associate with FundMyHome.org. My ID # is : 114545. In March of this year I signed up Mr. Collin Sweetland to the program as a Down Payment Assistance Recipient. His Customer ID # : 114926 His application was completed and he found a home here in Florida. Everything has been completed and was to close on August 22, 2020. Before I had to call because client at one...

Thursday, September 10, 2020 The Home Office